Eating Healthy Under Stress

Eating Healthy Under Stress

I debated with myself whether or not I should blog about this subject, but I think it is important. Many times when I am under stress, I don’t make the wisest food choices. Do you share this same problem? Maybe if I plan ahead, it would be less of a problem. My husband has to be at the hospital at 6 o’clock in the morning for a medical procedure. In the past, I would get food from the hospital cafeteria, getting a donut or a yogurt; or from a vending machine, getting chips, cookies or candy. What could I easily bring to the hospital and eat a few hours later, while he is undergoing his procedure? I came up with the following healthy and tasty items:

  • Organic iced green tea (sweetened with Stevia)—will be needing the caffeine!
  • KIND Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond bar (with only 5 grams of sugar)
  • Packet of unsalted dry roasted almonds
  • Yellow peach
  • “The Project Happiness” book to read

Hopefully, Rich’s procedure won’t take as long as the first one and it is successful. But waiting is always difficult, so I am going to read a positive book on happiness to keep me in a good frame of mind. If all goes well, I will be able to have a quick healthy lunch at home, since we only live a mile from the hospital. Then back to the hospital to check-up on him. As for dinner, my husband will be having hospital food (poor guy) and I will be having…..Oh well, at least I have planned for two meals in advance, instead of none!