Portland Farmers’ Market

Portland Farmers Market

Farmers’ Market at Portland State University

The city of Portland has two things I love, family and a fabulous farmers’ market! You can go shopping to the outdoor market seven days a week in different parts of the city. On Saturday, it is held on the green belt area of Portland State University campus. Since it is the beginning of spring, the selection is smaller than what you would find in the summer. Right now there is an abundance of fragrant tulips and daffodils of all colors and varieties and beautiful bouquets starting at $10.00!


Lovely Spring Flowers


Freshly Baked Breads


Exquisite Quail Eggs


Different Varieties of Radishes


Exotic Mushrooms


Fiddlehead Ferns

I saw fiddlehead ferns for the first time at the market. It is a gourmet wild vegetable found across North America in the springtime. Many people think that they taste like a cross between asparagus and young spinach.


Colorful Fruits and Vegetables


Different Varieties of Healthy Kale

There were many vendors selling kale. This particular farmer had 5 varieties of it—Green Russian, Red Russian, Purple, Italian and Green.



Rhubarb brings back memories of my childhood. My mom used to grow this fruit and would later stew it. Then she would serve it to us cold, like a pie filling without the crust!


Recycling Station

Portland is an environmentally conscious city, I was impressed to see, but not surprised, that recycling was available on site for food purchasers.


Gorgeous Bouquet

I only wish that I could have bought some of the fabulous produce that I saw yesterday, but I was able to buy this gorgeous bouquet for my hostess for only $10.00. Since I live in the desert, visiting a farmers’ market like the one in Portland is a real treat for me!


Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market

On a recent trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to help my daughter move into her sorority house, I decided to visit their farmers’ market. It was my fifth visit to the town and the first time I saw beautiful blue skies! The farmers’ market was exactly what I expected. It had a wonderful selection of locally grown organic produce and lovely colorful flowers! Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy anything, because I was just visiting.

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Farmers’ Markets


Farmers’ markets are found worldwide. Farmers sell their produce directly to the consumer, so the fruits and vegetables are generally fresher and less expensive than in grocery stores, especially in the agricultural areas of the country. The selection of produce and organic produce can also vary greatly. The picture above was taken at a wonderful farmer’s market in Portland, Oregon.