The Flu Season is Not Over!


Last weekend I went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to watch my daughter and her mock trial team try to earn a bid for Nationals. I am very happy to say that they were successful! Unfortunately, the lady seated next to me was sick. Not only was she sick, she had the flu! Being a dental hygienist, I do the responsible thing and get a flu shot every year. So when I went to work on Tuesday, I felt great; but my the end of the day, I felt lousy. I thought it was my allergies, but my muscles and joints ache too much, plus I have a slight fever. The next time I fly, I am going to take Airborne, carry disinfecting wipes and use a face mask, if the person next to me is sick.

Hopefully, by next week, I will be able to cook and blog again! For those who celebrate Easter, wishing you a wonderful and healthy one!



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