Costco’s Kirkland Signature Brand Tomato Products are in BPA-Free Cans

Kirkland Signature Organic Tomatoes

BPA, bisphenol A, is a  synthetic estrogen and a dangerous chemical found in the epoxy coatings of canned foods and in plastic bottles. It has been linked to possible health effects on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children.

Like many of you, I use canned tomato products. Lately, I have been using exclusively Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand tomato products, because they are organic and reasonably priced. But are their cans BPA-free? I did some research on the Internet and found several articles saying their cans were BPA-free. I wanted to be absolutely sure, so I contacted Costco myself. To my surprise, I got received an email response very quickly from Jason B. of the Member Service Center. He said, “Yes, the cans used for our Kirkland Signature brand tomato products are indeed BPA free cans.”

This is so good for me, but what about the people who are not members of Costco? So I went to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website, and found several commonly found brands that are “BPA-Free Brands.” Some of these brands are Health Valley Organic, Amy’s, Muir Glen, Sprouts Farmers Market and Tyson. For their complete list, please go to their website, I hope that some of you find this helpful!


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