Which Shrimp Should I Buy?


This morning when I was researching which shrimp should I buy, I came across this article on the internet by Paul Greenberg, “How to Choose Sustainable Shrimp, The Not-So-Simple Life of a Shrimp,” Prevention.com, published July 2012 and updated July 2014. The article is well-written and full of information. When buying shrimp or any other fish, the most important considerations are health, taste, and sustainability.

The following are “Best Choice” by Seafood Watch, the country’s most well-known sustainable seafood ratings program:

  • Prawn, Freshwater−Giant River Prawn, Malaysian Prawn−U.S./Farmed
  • Prawn, Spot−Prawn, Spot Shrimp, Amaebi−British Columbia/Wild-caught
  • Shrimp−Pacific White Shrimp, West Coast White Shrimp, Ebi−U.S./Farmed in Fully Recirculating Systems or Inland Ponds
  • Shrimp, Pink−Bay Shrimp, Cocktail Shrimp, Ocean Shrimp, Salad Shrimp, Ebi−Oregon/Wild-caught

The following are “Good Alternative” by Seafood Watch:

  • Prawn, Spot−Prawn, Spot Shrimp, Amaebi−U.S. Pacific/Wild-caught
  • Shrimp−Brown Shrimp, Pink Shrimp, Rock Shrimp, White Shrimp, Ebi−U.S. Gulf of Mexico, U.S. South Atlantic/Wild-caught
  • Shrimp−Pacific White Shrimp, West Coast White Shrimp, Ebi−U.S./Farmed in Open Systems
  • Shrimp−Pacific White Shrimp, West Coast White Shrimp, Ebi−Thailand/Farmed in Fully Recirculating Systems
  • Shrimp, Northern−Bay Shrimp, Cocktail Shrimp, Salad Shrimp, Ebi−U.S., Canadian Atlantic/Wild-caught
  • Shrimp, Rock−Rock Shrimp−U.S./Wild-caught

So where should I buy my fish? According to Greenpeace’s “2013 Seaford Retailers Scorecard,” the top six retailers are the following:

  1. Whole Foods
  2. Safeway
  3. Trader Joe’s
  4. Wegmans
  5. Harris Teeter
  6. Target

For the complete list, click on the link below:




I downloaded this handy app from the Seafood Watch organization. It has very helpful and informative guides, “Sustainable Seafood Guides,” “Sushi Guide,” and “Super Green List.” You can get this app at http://www.seafoodwatch.org.



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