How to Clean Produce


I have searched the internet on the best way to clean produce and it is to use of a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. You don’t have to spend money on commercial sprays. I got a 32 fluid ounce spray bottle, filled it with 8 ounces of vinegar and marked it on the bottle and then added 24 ounces of water and marked it again, so I don’t have to worry about measuring again.

When washing smooth surface produce, such as an apple, just spray enough to cover it and rinse thoroughly with water. I like to rub a little when cleaning smooth surface produce and to use a small scrub brush when I clean things like cantaloupe or potatoes. According to Cook’s Illustrated, a serious food magazine, this method can remove 98% of the bacteria.

Washing delicate fruit like berries, filled a bowl with a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water and soak for a few minutes. Be should to rinse well. When cleaning things like lettuce or broccoli, you can use the same solution in the sink. However, this is not recommended by government food safety experts. They are concerned about cross-contamination of bacteria, so clean your sink thoroughly before and after use!


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